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LA WEDDING VENDORS & CREATIVES is a group of Los Angeles creatives, uniting the local Wedding industry online and offline, through kindness, collaboration, and community. We are a diverse and inclusive group of local creative entrepreneurs. I started this group in late 2015 because I was craving a friendly environment to exchange tips + tools, share vendor referrals, celebrate business successes, troubleshoot industry specific problems, grow my network, and make new friends! One of the most exciting things about "LAWVC", is all of the real friendships and creative collaborations that have been born through it! 

Photographer:  Evangeline Lane

Photographer: Evangeline Lane


The private Facebook group is where the magic happens. Please make sure you are following @laweddingvendorsandcreatives and @artandsoulevents on instagram before requesting to join.

My goal is to keep the Facebook group specific to Southern California Wedding/Creative professionals and to cultivate a really supportive and interactive environment. If you have requested to join and haven't been added yet, please make sure your work is set to public on your private Facebook profile. You can also send an email to info@artandsouleventsla.com with your business website. Looking forward to connecting with you!

- Jessica Carrillo, Owner & Creative Director of Art & Soul Events

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